Tat Tvam Asi

There are these recurring phases in my life where I engage in short bouts with spirituality. I am currently going through one such phase which led me to the the sacred texts of Hindu ideology – The Upanishads. 

I haven’t gone full hard-core enough to learn Sanskrit and dive into the original texts. I am on the easy trek with a translation by Ekanath Easwaran. It’s still seems a trek nonetheless and I am standing at the base trying to get a glimpse at the peak. 
Ekanath was kind enough to put in an introduction to prepare me before the dive. While going through the introduction, with a certain lax I must admit, I stumbled on this word “Tatvamasi”. 

Somehow there was a strange connect that I felt with this syllable. This word seemingly so small that it’s meaning is just three words “Thou art that” (there is something about spirituality and archaic English) had such profound impact on me that it’s still echoing inside me. 

Tatvamasi – so much meaning lies between those words. The singularity of the world. The oneness in all beings. The alpha and the omega. You are one and the whole. 

Meditate on this word until it reverberates your whole and look around. Aham Brahmasmi! 


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