Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club 

Last night I was shuffling through some random playlist. I didn’t even realize I was listening until I heard the line “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t… Don’t you forget about me” and found my fist up, hitting the air. 

Breakfast Club is one of those movies that I watched with no clue whatsoever about what I am getting into, and ended up making a sort of profound impact. 

For those not initiated into the Breakfast Club, please do sit yourself down and watch it. It’s about 5 kids, teens with their trademark angst, who couldn’t have ended up in the same room, if it was not for the fateful Saturday detention. These are five who are so different from each other that they soon bond over their common dislike for one another. 

The movie closes with one of the most iconic scenes I’ve have ever seen. Backed by the theme song by Simple Minds it’s one of those scenes that instills a sort of nostalgia in me. 

Till last night I saw this as a moment of hope, protagonists leaving the hall as unlikely friends, if not more. Each one gaining something in place of something about them that they had shed. Judd Nelson’s iconic fist-to-the-air. His character, John Bender finally getting a break in his life from the most unlikely of sources. 

But last night something shifted and I saw this scene for what it really was. It stands for that momentary bliss that we feel when something happens in our life, but may never happen ever again how much ever we want it to. 

The day ends with each of them learning something about themselves and one another. Another day starts and who knows what entails. This is even addressed in the movie when Brian asks whether they would actually look out for each other once they are back in their hoods. Disguising the real them in a visage of false laughs and desperate friendships. 

The fist bump to the high seem so much more right now. So much depth in that momentary high. 


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