The masks we were

Everyone puts on a facade at some point. To cope with something past or to gain something new. Every thought, every whisper gets filtered through this film, a haphazard attempt to convince people around you that one they knew has evolved in and out.

But as you let out, so do you let in. The mask seeps into you. And slowly you find yourself standing at the wrong side of your own deception. You stare at the stranger who smile back at you. But it just seems implausible that you were ever that person. But howmuchever you deny,  they are still there at the back of your head gnawing at your thoughts, infecting them with with their innocence. 

The mask is ruthless though . It tears apart all your thoughts, picking on them to keep the mockery going. You refuse to believe that the mask has now a life of its own. And if ever a thought escapes, you find that so alien that it conflicts your very being. Denial, anger and confusion ensues. You scramble among the people around to make sense of it all. 

The facade has become you, an ego of your own making. Whatever remains of  yourself get molded by the cancer. All the world’s a stage…. And one man in his time plays many parts. 


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