The dating conundrum 

We have adapted lot of things from globalisation. Every field of human culture, be it law, fashion, art or music, everything has been influenced by the same from somewhere else. We bring in to foreign trends a blend of our own cultural influence, creating a grand motley mixture of fusion trends that have always awed me.

Consequently it was not long before the same fused into relationships and the like. But when it came to dating and the whole process of finding your mate, it moulded into this unholy alliance that defied it’s very purpose. Somehow when the moral codes in my neighbourhood mixed into this, the following amalgams spewed out:

  • Post-relational dating – The one where the couple settles the fact that they are starting a relationship and then start on with the dating. I wonder how that works. In my understanding, it’s supposed to be the other way round,right? No? Yes? 
  • Camoed dating – The one where the couple brings on a whole array of friends to camouflage the real purpose because “log kya kahenge” (what will people say). 
  • And finally Sanskari dating – The one where every possible combinations of the couple and parents are figured out to that start a drawn-out process of who meets who and when. 

    Now I am no expert in dating or what it stands for, but I tend to believe that dating is a way to get to know people and then figure out whether he/she is worth the trouble of being in a relationship with. It’s a practice of learning about others, whereby you learn more about yourself and what you are looking for in your partner. 

    Messy things do happen and it may be tedious as hell. But you got to go through a whole lot of dresses before you decide what you are gonna wear when you say “I do”. 


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