The cost of happiness 

Are you Happy or Sad? A binary one or zero. The cogs clank as the natural instinct to overthink kick in. The more I pondered, the more confusing it seemed. How do you answer something like that? How do you quantify your feelings?

But it was funny at the same time, because here I was happy reading feedbacks about a blog I wrote, on how depressed I was. So what does that make me?

It’s pointless really, the question. Because the one thing that the whole world can claim to be is selfish. It’s just a matter of how much. Your answer is drilled into a machine, juggled through scenarios, outcomes analysed until your answer really doesn’t matter.

As Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S says, “there are no selfless deeds”. Everything is weighed and the returns calculated. The sooner you realise you are just a base commodity judged by the return on investment, the sooner you grow up.

The questions that really matter are how much you are worth and how much his/her happiness costs. The moment you trade off one for the other, you lose your grip and is left scrambling.

The fair maidens and charming princes are just lores, the world just has scheming witches and pretentious knights.


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