Robots run amok

A question has been reverberating in my head since it was asked to me this morning. “Do I behave like a guy?” To put it into context, I should also mention that this was asked by one of the fairer sex.

Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to answer the question. The question, in all its simplicity, seemed wrong to me. What differs a guy from a girl? Leave alone the physical dissimilarities and certain estrogen/testosterone induced qualities. Leave alone the roles they play. Where is the line drawn? What defines the behavior of a guy/ a girl?

There is an adjective that I have found very interesting during my life – Tomboy, partly because this is the one word used to describe most of the girls I like. But partly because describing a girl “tomboyish” contradicts myself. I being my principles.

The society that I had been brought up with all its patriarchical norms have these guidelines associated with each sex. Ranging from the way they talk and where they go,  to what they talk and when they go. Questions, suggestions, mockery and finally social pariahs.

A girl who dares to brave all by herself are stamped to be a “tomboy” and a guy empathetic to emotions effeminine. Social branding have long curbed so many. But the ones that break through are also celebrated. Hypocrisy runs rampant.

All the world needs are line-tracing robots. Happy in their singular tasking of keeping to the line.



  1. And if you are tagged as “tomboy” and tries to be “feminine” for at least once or seen some changes with your clothes and gestured, you will be called “pretentious”.. It’s hard to live in this kind of society . Glad we survive! Lols. – Sun

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      1. Err? When i said ,if ”you” i meant it as to general audience.. Like, “generally speaking” and it’s for a girls as I am one. Sorry .
        I know you’re a guy, tom. 🙂


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