Atlas Solus

It’s weird when you have this urge to make everyone happy. Pointless when one doesn’t care what you feel by their actions; Frustrating when one sees you with others as borderline betrayal; and maddening when both are the same person.

By all logic and sense, I should keep myself away from that person. Point myself to a healthier direction. But we all have that point when howmuchever the brain screams, a whisper from the heart seems more convincing.

The task of keeping everyone happy is herculean. But I am wired to exhaust myself till I break. And once I am broke, I reach out for the hands I picked up, but none reached out. They were busy shaking hands with each other to help me up.

I gaze up at them, everyone seemingly gigantuous. Their laughs thundered, their smiles glared. A maniacal laugh escapes me whether at my own comical fate or at the glory of the world I created.

After balancing the world on his shoulders, Atlas was ecstatic. He looked around beaming, and saw he was alone.


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